The Coaster Show Opening Reception this past Friday night was a HUGE success! Congratulations to Bento artist Frank Forte, Devin “DVO” Roth, Thomas Perkins, Mario D’Anna, Kaya Dzankich, Scott Moot, Karen Hydendahl, Tom Connor, Ryan Mattos, and Galina Budkin!!! The show continues until September 26th at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood.

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The Shirt by Shelley Niro, 2003.

Niro’s work consists of a connecting series of photographs that should be read together as a whole narrative. The images are set in a pastoral landscape, and each subsequent photograph offers an increasingly incisive statement on the colonization of the land that once belonged to aboriginal peoples.

Shelly Niro was born in Niagara Falls, NY in 1954. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation, Iroquois Confederacy, Turtle Clan, Six Nations Reserve. She is currently based in Brantford, Ontario, and works in a variety of media, including beadwork, painting, photography, and film. (via virtual museum)

One of my favourite works.

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Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver

This really hit me hard jesus christ.

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Proof I don’t only use myself as source material for collages and whatnot

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language is the best


language is the best

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Octons (Galt Toys) - A simple plastic construction set offering limitless fascinating building possibilities. 48 interlocking octagonal pieces in 6 bright translucent colours.

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1938 Phantom Corsair | Silodrome

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Atmospheric diving suit built by Carmagnolle brothers in 1882


Atmospheric diving suit built by Carmagnolle brothers in 1882

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Koolaide by Simone Leigh

Contemporary Art Museum in Houston, TX

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#Glass headstones 

Martin Smith


Martin Smith

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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Undergrowth Bookcase

Price: NA

Alcarol, the Italian design team, decided to take the opposite route than the traditionally cut, sanded, polished and cleaned wood-design furniture. Instead, the Dolomite mountain oak wood logs from Italy had their edges preserved with a cast of resin. This technique, usually done for jewelry, preserved the moss and lichen to create a beautiful design that mimics that of a living terrarium. 


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